She Burns Red provide something distinctive and fresh.

Take Back Tomorrow EP “Love this. Get your ears around it. You won’t be disappointed.”

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Raucous and frantic head turning rock n roll, what’s not to like about She Burns Red? Hook-laden, heavy riffs laid upon a powerful rhythmic foundation and sprinkled with catchy melodies. Hard rock with a touch of 90’s Orange County Punk thrown in the mix
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On the highway back from hell, fighting back from paralysis, surviving life threatening brain surgery and conquering suicidal depression. All while creating one of the UK’s best new hard rock acts. She Burns Red have come at rock from a hard place. Working with hard rock legend Toby Jepson (Little Angels/Wayward Sons) on their blistering new EP, Take Back Tomorrow, bassist/singer James and guitarist/singer Andy to create a brooding rock masterpiece for fans of intense modern rock. Solidifying their line up with Italian wunderkind, Naz and drummer, Scott Hanlon (ex Anchor Lane). The emotions are real, the lyrics personal and attitude undeniable. Consummate musicians with a visceral live show they are an onstage whirlwind of raw energy. They know how close to the edge they came and are primed to Take Back Tomorrow.


She Burns Red have a powerful sound and the skills to write a good song and make it stick
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She Burns Red have the same rough swagger as early Foo Fighters but with more bite… One to watch out for

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